Daily Dose: TIME SAVER: Pre-Written Social Media Captions

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One less thing for you to worry about. Pre-written social media captions coming right up! How’s that for some time added to your day? 😉

Sprout Insider Tip: Use the keyword below each mad lib to find a social media square to match - make sure to narrow your format to “Digital Graphics” in the gallery.

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Generic Outreach Prompt

We've got a _____ (floorplan or unit) with YOUR name on it at _____ Apartments! Get on over here and claim it before it's gone! (Insert picture of the floorplan you are featuring.)

Search: TOUR

Seasonal Outreach

Marg vs. Beer (or other beverage)... decisions, decisions #summerdilemmas Can't choose? We've got both in the clubhouse today. Yes, _____ Apartments knows you too well.

Search: DRINKS

Events Prompt

Grab-n-go event coming in hot! Do a quick stop by the office and grab ______ (treat) and be on your way :) Just because.... ______ Apartments loves our residents <3!

Search: TREATS

Are you super into _______(tv series/channel/movie)? If you answered yes, then we'll see you ______ (date) at _____(time) in the _____(location)! We're watching _______(tv series/channel/movie) together. Get excited!

Search: MEET UP

Reviews Prompt

Why is getting reviews so important to us, you ask? Think back to the last time you looked up a restaurant you've been wanting to check out. You pull up Yelp reviews... you scroll through 1, 2, 10, 20 good reviews. No questions asked, you're already on your way. Convinced yet? That's the power of reviews! ________ Apartments appreciates our residents and we want to know if you feel the same! Leave us a review on ________ (platform or website) to let us know how we're doing.

Search: REVIEW

CHEERS TO KIND REVIEWS! If you write a review today, stop by the office and show us so we can thank you with a tasty __________(beverage or sweet treat)!

Search: REVIEW

Preferred Employer Prompt

All employers are cool employers but especially _____(name of PEP) because they ____(something they do that is cool)!!! Are you a _____(name of PEP)? Call us or stop by today to find out what EXTRA SPECIAL deals we have for you!

Search: PEP

Shopping/Restaurant Prompt

Let's talk shoes. Ladies... are you shoe fanatics? Bc same. We got you - __________ (name of shoe store) is having a BOMB sale. Get over there ASAP and get your shop on! (tag a local business)

Search: SHOP

HAPPY HOUR! Our fav hour! Stop by_____ (restaurant) from ___(time), and have a drink with us! (tag a local business)


Neighborhood Prompt

Our hood is the coolest hood. Why? Because we've got ____(name of unique spot or activity)! And we're only ____(minutes or distance) away!


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