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Daily Dose: Talk Triggers! Word of Mouth has Power

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: FREE!-$$

“Competency doesn’t create conversations. It’s not enough to be enough anymore.” - Jay Baer

It’s easy to get totally overwhelmed with wanting to do everything 100%! But let’s start by focusing in on ONE thing that sets us apart from our competition and do that thing amazingly well. So well that our customers will tell our story for us. After all, we want to give them something to talk about ;)

Jay Baer’s 4 Requirements of a Talk Trigger:

1. Remarkable - Outside the Industry Example: Mermaid Dive Bar. They’ve got a huge aquarium wall with “real” mermaids swimming up to you!

Industry Example: Check out how a team (they are part of our Sprout community) delivered spaghetti dinners to their residents each quarter. They went all out with chef’s outfits and golf cart delivery! We’d say that’s pretty remarkable.

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2. Repeatable - We want to create ONE standout experience for each of our customers that sets us apart from the competition. We don’t want to create ONE viral stunt. We have to create it for every customer we reach. Here’s a simple example of how you could do that for new move-ins.

3. Reasonable - When it’s too big, we can’t repeat it in the future, and people get suspicious of it! So, keep it super simple. So simple that anyone could do it, they just haven't taken the time to do so. We knew of one community that would set up a “sweets cart” in their mailroom every Thursday from 5-6pm. Not only that, but each week they would do a different theme every time. It was an unexpected treat that residents could not get enough of!

4. Relevant - Word of Mouth is not a viral stunt. Our talk trigger needs to solve a problem, create a solution, fill a need, help in some way. Impacting and creating value will keep them talking about you longer. So keep your eyes and ears open! If you see an opportunity to solve a problem, don’t wait! Take action. Check out a few simple ways to add convenience to your residents day in a really relevant way!

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