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Having a hard time coming up with social media captions? We get it and we’ve got you. Don’t break a sweat trying to come up with something clever. Check out a variety of mad lib captions below to help get you started!

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Sprout Insider Tip: Use the key word/category below each mad lib to find a social media square to match - make sure to narrow your format to “Digital Graphics”.

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Generic/Outreach Prompt:

Life's too short to not love where you live, right?  Let our team help you find the home you LOVE today! Contact ______________ (name) at ___________ (phone number) for more details. #lovewhereyoulive

Summer Outreach Prompt:

Things are heating up at __________(name) Apartments but our community is keeping it cool. Call ___________ (phone number) today to find out why our residents love staying poolside at  __________ (apartment name).

Bonus points for including a picture of your community or one of our Sprout stock photos.

Search: POOL

Summer Outreach Prompt:

Pool ✓ Indoor Gym ✓ Community Rooms ✓ BBQ Pits ✓ (name) Apartments has your summer checklist looking 💯

Search: BBQ or POOL or GYM

Review Prompt:

We don’t want to brag or anything, but we’d sure love it if you bragged on us :)

If you've had a great experience at ________ (name) Apartments, let us know by leaving a review! We love to hear how we are doing and tell us your favorite parts of living here at our _____(adj) community.

Search: REVIEW


At (Name) Apartments we offer rewards to some of (name of city)'s best employers like (tag companies) ______, ___________, and _______________. If you are on our preferred employee list and you’re looking for a new place to call home, we are offering _________ (list preferred employer special). Give us a call at _____________ phone number or stop by for a tour!

Search: PEP


Great people make great communities! That's why we offer the wonderful employees of (tag business handle) _________ some amazing rewards. Talk to __________ (team member name) today to find out more! (info)

Search: PEP

Restaurant Prompt:

_______ (tag restaurant) is our new favorite spot in ______(insert city)! There is nothing better than _______ (insert dish) on a hot summer day! What is your favorite item on their menu? (Insert hashtags)


Neighborhood Prompt:

We’re sure you know that _________ (name of city) is home to ___________ (name of waterpark/attraction/theme park). Only a _____ (time) minute drive from our __________ (Apartment Community), it is a local summertime favorite. One that our community loves having so close. #summerfun #(nameofthemepark)

Search: HOOD

Pet Friendly Prompt:

Just a friendly (name) Apartments reminder to take extra care of our furry residents during the summer heat. Extra water. Extra time in the shade. And maybe some extra snuggles. #weloveourpets

Search: PETS

Referral Prompt:

Ready to do a little happy dance? Here it goes. Every time you refer a new resident we give you __________________ (describe your referral reward). ___________ (name/contact) can give you all the deets! Ok...time to break out in dance. 3...2...1....go!

Search: REFER