Instagram Stories: Winter Faves Fill In

IG Story… This or That

Daily Dose - Social Media in a Snap!

Time Investment:

Money Investment: zero!

Instagram stories are all the rage and for good reason! They are a fun way to get to know your audience and let your audience get to know you.

Today we are sharing a super, duper simple touchpoint you can use on IG stories.

Downloading Instagram Stories Music: Wander Musician: @iksonofficial

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

Posting to Instagram Stories Music: Wander Musician: @iksonofficial

  1. Grab this Instagram Stories template here. You can email it to yourself and save to your camera roll to make it easier to post from your phone.

  2. Open up your Instagram Stories and post graphic to your communities account.

    TRAINING: Not sure how? Watch this quick video here. (insert how to link)

    Level Up: Add some text or a fun gif asking your audience to share their results and tag your community.

  3. Let your peeps get to know the staff members. Have each member post their results. Add a post before or after introducing the team member. Add text to include their name and their job title.