Do It for the (Insta)Gram!

Do it for the Gram

Daily Dose - The Trip Threat: Social Media, Resident Interaction, and a Follow Up

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: 💲

Daily Dose Photo OP MOCK.jpg

Do you ever feel like you don’t have anything good to post about on social media? Or maybe it feels like you are posting, but your residents aren’t engaging. If this is you, I promise you are going to want to take a few minutes and do today’s Daily Dose because (1) it’s EASY and (2) it WORKS!

Create "Grammable” moments throughout your community. Getting your residents to take (and share) pictures of themselves at the community is a win-win for everyone.

  1. If they see pictures of themselves on your communities social platforms, they are more likely to engage with you on social.

  2. When prospects visit your social media, they are going to see real people loving life at your community. That is solid, social gold!

    Note: Include a hashtag to make these pictures searchable to you.

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

  1. Buy some fun photo props. Check out a couple of our favorite, budget-friendly pics from Amazon below.

  2. Download, print and post this design throughout your community. Create photo op stations with props and the #hashtag design.

  3. Snap some pictures of your team at the different stations with the props. Post on social.

    Suggested Social Post: “Hey, hey, hey…who’s ready to play? Snap a pic at one of our photo op stations and share on Facebook with the #propertyfunpics18! Best picture gets a $25 Target gift card! Winner announced end of day Friday!”

    Bonus Idea: Set up a prop station in your show unit. Invite prospects to take a pic and use it in your follow-up email.

    Suggested follow-up email: “Annie, it was great to meet you today! Let me say, you look good in this apartment. Check out your photo that I’ve attached. Please reach out with any questions and I’ll be in touch in the next couple of days! Cheers, Barbara!”