Student Roommate Referral-BYOF


Daily Dose: Pick your own roommate!

Time Investment:

Money Investment: FREE!

Give your residents the opportunity to choose who they live with! Remind them how fun it can be to live with someone they know :)

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DO IT NOW IN 1-2-3:

  1. Grab the flyer and social media square below.

  2. Have the stack of flyers in the leasing office and hand them out to residents as they walk in.

  3. Use the social media square to post on social media with this mad lib template:

    • YOU get to choose who you want to live with. Yep, that’s right. Want your bff as your roommate? SWEET. Want your partner to move in with you? AWESOME. Want your mom to live with you? ALSO COOL! We don’t judge… Refer to choose your roommate today!