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Daily Dose: New follow-up design!

Time Investment:

Money Investment: FREE!

You know we had to give you the classic follow-up email template, but with a new May design!

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Just click to download one of the templates below and copy/paste the mad-libs email template! Copy, paste, send!


Insert Name,

Hey there! Hope this email finds you well! I just wanted to thank you for touring our insert unit apartment home at Insert Apartment Name!

(here is the time to mention a fun or personal fact they shared with you for ex: I remember you mentioning your 4 year old, Jake, loves to swim! Our swimming pool is now open and lookin’ better than ever! Feel free to stop by and take another look around with Jake!)

Attached you will find details about the insert unit. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out!

Looking forward to having you be a part of our community!

- Your Name at Apartment Name