A Simple Formula for Writing a Marketing Update for Your Supervisor, Owner or Team

A Simple Formula for Writing a Marketing Update for Your Supervisor, Owner, or Team

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We know it’s not enough to do your marketing, you also have to share your weekly/monthly efforts with your owner and supervisor. You may also want an easy way to keep your entire team in the loop of what’s happening and what’s coming up.

If you don’t already have a corporate structure for sharing your marketing efforts, we’re sharing a simple formula that you can copy and paste into your email or Google Doc.

Do It In a Few Easy Steps:

  • Download an email banner to make your email professional and stylish. We have two you can grab here.

  • Copy and paste the template below.

Pro Tip: Everyone has additional marketing efforts. This is just a guideline. Modify the template first and then save it for easy access. That way you won’t have to change our template each time.


Below you will find an update for our Marketing and Retention efforts at [Insert Community Name] for [Insert Time Period Covered].

  • Outreach Marketing:

    • Insert update:

  • Social Media Efforts:

    • Insert update:

  • Renewal Initiatives:

    • Insert update:

  • Referral Incentives:

    • Insert update:

  • Resident Events:

    • Insert update:

  • New Resident Welcomes:

    • Insert update:

  • Other Resident Notices:

    • Insert update:

  • Website:

    • Insert update:

  • Advertisements:

    • Insert update:

  • Other:

    • Insert update:

  • Overall Summary of Efforts:

    • What went well

    • What we want to perform better

    • Proposed changes

  • Next Week/Month:

    • List large initiatives

Pro Tip: Double check your spelling and grammar with Grammarly.