Resident Engagement on Social Media

Social Media Engagement: You Can Find Me at...

Daily Dose - Get Residents Talking On Social in Seconds

Time Investment:

Money Investment: zero!

Every little bit of info we learn about our current residents is super useful. Finding out what they love about their apartment home (in their own words) is hugely powerful. When we get those nuggets of information, we can turn around and use that wording in our marketing.

We’ve created a “You Can Find Me” series of digital graphics to help you get your residents sharing a little info about all their favorites.

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

  1. Browse “You Can Find Me” series here by searching FIND ME.

    Here’s a small preview:

Search “Find Me”    here    to see the full series.

Search “Find Me” here to see the full series.

2. Download your graphic and save to your desktop.

3. Post to your social media platform.

Suggested Social Posts:

  • “We want to hear from you. Fill in the blank… “When it’s cold and rainy, you can find me __________!”

  • “What’s your favorite room in your apartment? Fill in the blank… “Most days you can find me ________!”

  • “Favorite neighborhood hangout? Ready, set, go! Where can you be found chowing down?”