Foundational Guide: Resident Events

Events Foundational Guide Squares.jpg


Events are a way to really foster community and get to know your residents in a more meaningful way. Events that are consistent, well-promoted and tailored to your audience lead to the best results.


  • Grab-and-Go Events: Grab a slice of pizza, pie, or cookie dough to take back to your apartment home.

  • Digital Events: Invite residents to post pictures of something in their apartment, a favorite view, their pet, etc. It builds community without having to leave their space. Create a hashtag to gather all leads. These are great for residents that want to feel connected to the people at their community, but want to do it in a space they are most comfortable…their home.

  • Offsite Events: Happy hours, bowling, golf, etc.

  • Food-Centric Events: No explanation needed 😋

  • Pet-Friendly Events: Yappy hours, meet and greets, and costume contests

  • Watch Party Events: Netflix and chill, movie marathon or movie night, sport events, favorite TV shows, and award shows

  • Weekly “Standing” Events: Muffin Monday, Taco Tuesday, Wine Down Wednesday, Thirsty Thursday, Food Truck Friday

  • Themed Events: Based on the season or holiday (Spring social)

  • BYOF (Bring Your Own Friend): Events geared towards driving referrals

  • Educational Events: Learn to cook, craft or invest, etc.

  • Renewal Events: Invite only residents up for renewal

  • Supplier or Business Event: Invite a local business to feature their service or product

  • Need more ideas? Search EVENTS here. New ideas added monthly!


  • We’ve created a mack-daddy event checklist. Grab it below and print it out anytime you are hosting an event at your community.

  • Order customized party invites from Sprout. Search here and narrow your search with Design Purpose: EVENTS.

  • Grab your Party Plans cheat sheet for a quick reference guide the day of your event.

  • Download your Event Ice Breaker Name Tags to get the conversation flowing.

  • Grab your Event ROI to evaluate the success of your event afterwards.


  • Create a hashtag for all your events. Ex: ParkPlaceParties

  • Create a Google folder or desktop folder named “Resident Events” for easy access. These are great to use in follow-up efforts, showcase on your website, and use for #ThrowbackThursdays on social media.

  • Create a “Resident Events” photo album on your communities Facebook. Continually add to it and use your hashtag.

  • Post on Instagram Stories and save to a highlight reel titled “Resident Events” or “Resident Fun.”

  • For an old school approach (but still super effective), print out pictures of your events and add them to an album to leave in a mini model, in your community office waiting area and in common areas for residents to relive the fun.


There is no magic bullet for the perfect event.

  • Pay attention to your residents. Share event polls. Use Sprout’s THIS OR THAT IG stories to learn more about what appeals to them.

  • Keep up with popular trends. Follow local bloggers. Search trending hashtags. Modify big events to fit your community.

  • Keep experimenting!