Daily Dose: In-Your-Face Sports Themed Outreach

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$-$$$

This is one of those outreach ideas that makes a SPLASH! Sometimes bigger can be BETTER! Standing out in a crowd is the whole point of marketing! If you can set yourself apart from your competition, you will be remembered, and if you are remembered, you will likely be the one to score the lease. For this Daily Dose we want you to make your prospects notice your community in a super fun way!




  • Football or sport themed outfits (you can choose your city’s team or go generic with some fun costumes from Amazon.)

    • Jerseys

    • Shoulder pads

    • Helmets 

    • Football 

    • OR you can go all out and dress like a giant football?

  • Football themed goodies

 Check out some of our Amazon favs below.


  • Put together some treat bags with football-style (or whatever theme you’ve chosen for your outreach) goodies and add a ¼ page flyer. You can staple it on the outside, attach it with a ribbon, or put it inside the bag. Make sure to include a business card in each bag if your flyer is not personalized!

  • Pick a costume that stands out! Even if it’s not a football outfit or even sports related, just something that will surely make your prospects stop in their tracks.

  • Have a couple of team members dress up and go out to businesses in a 5-10 mile radius of your community.

  • Hand out your goodies and make sure you have a fun (aka corny) catchphrase that you use with your prospects.

    • For example: “Join the team! Ask about our specials!” or “Score a touchdown by living at ______ Apartments!” or “______ Apartments is #1!”

  • Bonus Tip: Take lots of pics to post to your social media. You can use those pictures as a retention initiative with captions like “You’re on the winning team at ______________!”

  • Social Tip: Download the social square to get some online outreach in! The more eyes on your community the better!



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