The “New Seniors” Events


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Daily Dose: Help your seniors have a ton of fun!

Time Investment: ⏰⏰-⏰⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$$-$$$$

May 29th is Senior Health Day, yet another excuse to PARTY! The senior citizens at your community just want to have some fun! Help them have a little youthful fun with the events below.

Need a little more help with your resident events? Click on the banner at the bottom of the page to read our Resident Events Foundational Guide!


(not your average senior bingo…)

  • Purchase a fun Bingo set.

  • Bookmark or print out a few different resources with 1940’s trivia questions (or whatever decade you think would be most appropriate for your residents’ age range).

  • Make the theme come to life! Decorate accordingly: click here to see 4 ways to throw a 1940’s themed party!

  • Order some snacks from Amazon or grab some on your next trip to the store.

  • Why not throw some dancing into the mix? After a couple rounds of Bingo, invite everyone to get up and dance to this nostalgic 40’s-50’s playlist !

  • Customize the invitations and purchase some envelopes, have the invitations hand delivered to your residents. Make sure to invite them to dress the part, too!


Summer is approaching…how about a luau to spice up their residents’ summer?

  • Order some Luau decor and hula hoops from Amazon. Have the team dress up!

  • Order some snacks from Amazon or grab some on your next trip to the store.

  • Customize the invitation and make sure everyone gets one.

  • Next up…Time to shake those hips!