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Daily Dose: Let’s set some goals!

Time Investment: ⏰⏰⏰

Money Investment: FREE!

As you might know, Sprouters, some of our Sprout team attended Social Media Marketing World in March. What an experience that was! We learned so much practical information that we want to share with all of our Sprouters, so we are incorporating a few Daily Doses each month based on our takeaways.

Our hope is that you take this information from us and use it to give your community’s online presence a good BOOST!

Leslie Samuel taught us a simple and effective way of setting our goals in a way that produces results, and we’re sharing it with you, Sprouters! Check it out below.

“SMART” Goals:

-Specific - Is your goal detailed? Does it include everything it needs to include?

-Measurable - How are you measuring your goal? Can it be measured? THINK NUMBERS!

-Attainable - Is the goal reachable with your skills, resources, motivation, and values?

-Relevant - Does your goal mean something special to you? Is it in line with your passions and what you love to do?

-Time Bound - Do you have a date or deadline for your goal?

 That’s it...it’s really that simple.


So get out that notebook, journal, Doc, or whatever it is that you use to write down your goals (because it’s SO important to write them down) and follow this framework!

We wish you luck in achieving your goals, we believe in YOU!


PS: check out these super fun goal setting planners/notepads we’ve found for you on Amazon! Get motivated, Sprouters!

Goal setting planner

Goal Setting desk notepad


PRO TIP: If you’re tech savvy, you can also set up your goals in Google Analytics (if they’re tech/social media/website related)