Bestie Referrals


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Daily Dose: “Your bestie could live here!”

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$-$$$

How awesome would it be to have your bestie live next door? Can you say…last minute Netflix and chill sessions? You can if your bestie was your neighbor!

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DO IT NOW IN 1-2-3:

  1. Download and print the door sign, flyer, and social square below.

  2. Get some summer themed door decor (or whatever season you decide to do this). Amazon has some fun options, check these out: Flamingos, banner tassels, flower wreath.

  3. Laminate the door sign (to make it weatherproof, and it’s a nicer presentation), post it on the doors of vacant units around the property, and add a little decoration to draw attention!

    • And if you want to keep it budget-friendly, try only doing it on your model unit.

*Grab the social media square below to promote referrals on social media too!

This idea will speak to residents on a more personal level! It might make them imagine how fun it would be to have their BFF live within walking distance… that pulls at the heart strings! Let the referrals flow!