Student "Spin the Wheel" Outreach


IG4643-APR19 DD Housing Fair Mock.jpg

Daily Dose: Wheel of Fortune - Student Housing Edition

Time Investment: ⏰⏰-⏰⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$-$$$

Have your prospects try their luck at a student-friendly wheel of fortune! Gamification is the way to student’s hearts.

We’re sharing how you can do it digitally or with a real life prize wheel below.

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This can be done at student housing fairs, student hangout spots, on campus, etc.

  1. Get yourself a prize wheel from Amazon or download this Prize Wheel iPhone app to go digital.

    • Decide on your prize options, for example: free t-shirts, koozies, energy drinks, free rent, waived app fee, or free storage!

  2. Get your flyers below - you can have them customized with the date, time, and location to increase traffic. And of course you don’t want to forget to use the social media graphics to announce the event days in advance and the day of the event.

  3. Hand out flyers to all prospects walking by, invite them to come spin the wheel, everyone gets a spin!

    • Make sure to document what prizes/perks you’ve given out so you have records when they come in to claim their prize.

  4. PRO TIP: Go LIVE (Facebook, Instagram, etc) to get your online followers or anyone who couldn’t make it involved!

Attending a student housing fair? Use the social graphic and IG story below to get the word out and let your prospects know to mark their calendars!