Instagram Stories Take-Over Guide

Instagram Stories Take-Over Guide

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Daily Dose: Beginners Guide to IG Takeover

Time Investment: ⏰-⏰⏰

Money Investment: FREE!

With over 1 billion registered users and 500 million active daily users, Instagram is a platform your community can’t ignore.

But here is the real stat we want to focus on. There are 400 million users on Instagram Stories and it shows no sign of slowing down. We are going to keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest ways to use IG Stories at your community.

In this Daily Dose, we are covering how to showcase your community from your resident’s perspective. The goal is to give an outsider’s day in the life at your community! It doesn't need to be super formal, but you do want to tell a story. After all, it’s IG stories!

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Do It In a Few Easy Steps:

Find the Right Partner: Start with your residents! Put out this flyer to encourage residents to sign up! Have them come to the leasing offer and get an idea of their day in the life! Questions you may want to ask when you chat with them:

  1. What are your mornings like?

  2. What do you do for work?

  3. What are your favorite places around the community?

  4. What makes you unique?

  5. What do you plan to show in your takeover?

Give your partner a good starting point: Help them map out a storyboard so you can ensure your takeover goes smoothly! Here is a storyboard idea to use as a jumping off point! Let your partner personalize in a way that makes sense for them!

  1. Wake Up and Enjoy the View

  2. Hit the Gym or go to a nearby fitness class

  3. Grab Brunch at nearby restaurant

  4. Take dog to the dog park or for a walk

  5. Hit the grocery store to prep for the week & Meal Prep for the Week

  6. Catch up on your favorite TV shows

  7. Dinner

  8. Sleep!

Have them pre-film their takeover: It's nerve wracking to give someone your don't!

Have them pre-film their takeover and send it to you a week before! This way you can watch and make sure their content is right for your brand! Once you are happy with the content, decide what day you will go “live” with the takeover.

Promote Your Takeover: Make sure to promote on all your pages + on their individual page too days in advance. Use graphics like the ones we’ve provided below.

Save to Your Highlight Reel: Get the benefits long after it goes live! This can also be used as a great follow up.