Find Your Vibe: Take Photos Like a Pro

Find your Vibe: Take Photos Like a Pro

More pics, please! Nowadays people want MORE! We know you can't hire a professional photographer for every event or fresh community pic, so we're bringing out the big guns! Kat Carey, owner and lead photographer of Dark Room Foto, shares 10 tips to take iPhotos like a pro. Learn how to take awesome community photos with your iPhone! This talented lady has worked with us for years and she's sharing her trade secrets. 

Watch these videos and then download the tips at the bottom! 

1. Clean your Lens

2. Find your light

3. Avoid bad light

4. Manually adjust exposure

5. Angles are everything

Screen Shot 2018-04-30 at 7.01.35 PM.jpg

6. Clean your area

7. There’s an app for that!

8. Don’t over process.

9. Ditch the flash

10. Have fun

Ready, point, shoot!

Now that you've watched all the tips, grab your cheat sheet and put them into action at your community...


Need some photos right now? Visit our Stock Photography page to make updating your social pages and website a breeze! 

Need some professional photography? Visit Kat's website here.