Find Your Niche


Are you targeting up and comers, roomies, squads, executives, legends, or creatives? If you're not sure, take a peek at our handy (and hilarious) chart to help you identify your niche market. We guarantee you'll gain a new perspective on at least one niche!

Download our chart above and then ask yourself: "If your apartment was a person what would they be like?"

That simple question is where we started. It’s easy to get caught up in the game of amenities and features where you feel that your “resort-style pool” is your claim to fame. However, the key to building your brand is to transcend the endless lists of pros and cons. It’s not enough to just know your customer but you have to become them. 

By creating your target residents in your mind, it becomes easier to put all the pieces together. We're not just talking about naming a community or creating the brand’s look and feel. We're talking about everything! Is "The Legend" going to enjoy cooking on anything but a gas range? Is not having a dog run going to be a deal breaker for "The Up & Comer"? Are people who struggle with technology going to frustrate "The Creative"? 

Branding and selling that brand is all about perception of value. It’s not one single item that propels that brand into fame, it’s about how it all works and builds a collective personality that makes you unique. And let’s face it, the more unique something is, the more valuable it is! So reach out to your Legends, Creatives and more. Put yourself in their shoes for the day and you'll know exactly how to pull at their individual heartstrings.