Winter Email Follow Up

A Mad Libs-style Follow-Up You Can Use Via Email

Daily Dose - A Mad Libs-style Follow-Up You Can Use Via Email

Time Investment:

Money Investment: zero!

For the times you need to follow up with your prospects, but just don’t know what to say…we’ve got you covered.

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

  1. Search “Thanks for Touring” here and narrow your search by “Banner Graphic” in format.

  2. Download your favorite email banner.

  3. Draft your follow-up email.

    • Attach your dowloaded email banner to your email.

    • Copy and paste the Mad Libs template below.

    • Modify with your specific info.

    • Double check for spelling and grammar.

    • Hit send.

    BONUS POINTS: Subject lines matter big time. Take a minute to make it personal.

    Subject Line Example: Katie, I know you and __________ (insert significant other’s name or pet name) are going to flip over this!


Insert Name,

Thank you so much for touring our insert unit apartment home at Insert Apartment Name!

I know insert prospects, spouse, kids and pets names will love insert area of home for insert purpose and we know insert kid or pet name will love insert verb in the insert amenity area!

Attached you will find details about the insert unit. If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to reach out!

Can't wait for you to be part of our community.

- Your Name at Apartment Name