Score Brownie Points with an Easy Saturday Event

Score Brownie Points with an Easy Saturday Event

Daily Dose - Make Saturdays a Little Smoother

Time Investment:

Money Investment: 💲

Saturdays can be a real whirlwind! You’re usually short-staffed and then for whatever reason it seems like every prospect and resident coordinates to walk in at the EXACT. SAME. TIME! What’s a gal (or guy) to do?

Use the “stall with brownies” strategy. Works like a charm.

December 8th is National Brownie Day and the perfect time to give this little strategy a whirl!

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

  1. Pick up some brownies on your way in to work at your local bakery or grocery store.

  2. Post THIS sign in a frame where residents and prospects can quickly see when they walk in the door.

    Buy yourself some time: If residents or prospects walk in, invite them to grab a brownie and coffee, make themselves comfy, and you’ll be with them shortly!

  3. Post on social (if you can handle the extra traffic).

    Social Post Suggestion: “A little known fact: Brownie calories don’t count on Saturdays. Believe us…it’s science. Come in and grab some brownies and cup of coffee at the leasing office between the hours of ______ (time) and ______ (time). We’d love to say hello!”