Social Media IG Stories

Social Media IG Stories

Daily Dose: Become an insta-pro at Insta-Stories.

Time Investment:

Money Investment: FREE!

Instagram stories are no longer a novelty, they are a staple of Instagram. As of the time we wrote this, IG stories boast over 500 million daily users! 😳 For apartment communities, they can be an incredible way to tell the story of your community. How do we do it?

A few ideas on how to use IG Stories at your community:

  • How-to Stories: Walk residents and prospects through everyday processes like how to fill out an application, submit a maintenance request, or pay rent online. Save them to your highlight reel so that they can refer to them often.

  • FAQ Stories: Answer some of your residents most common questions.

  • Behind-the Scenes Stories: Invite residents to see what goes into planning an event at your community, a snapshot of a team meeting or a sneak peek of your maintenance hard at work.

  • Around-the-Neighborhood Stories: Show off what makes your neighborhood unique. Visit restaurants, coffee shops, nearby shopping centers, parks and more. Don’t forget to tag the businesses for a little extra cross-promotion.

  • Resident Testimonials: If you have a resident that isn’t camera shy, ask them if they would be willing to give you an on-camera testimonial. We all have those larger-than-life residents that love the camera. Let them help sell your community! That’s powerful!

    Ready to get started? Follow the steps below for IG Story success.


  • Download an Instagram Story template from the ones below OR click here and narrow your “Format” to “Instagram Story” to search for your favorite.

  • If you are doing this on your desktop, email yourself the image. Open your email with your phone and save your Instagram Story graphics to your camera roll.

  • Open your Instagram app, swipe the screen to the right OR click the camera in the top left hand corner.

  • To add your image, click on the bottom left where you see your camera roll. Choose the photo of the template you’ve downloaded.

Post this blank style template and fill in the details yourself with the pen feature at the top right of the screen - spread the word of an event/outreach/promotion etc. to reach even MORE peeps!

Post this style template if you want to get your residents/followers engaged. Ask them to screen shot it, fill it out, post it on their story and mention your community! (@APARTMENTNAME) and if you’re feeling savvy, add a fun hashtag to create a whole campaign around it!

This is just a fun template you can use to spread good vibes!

MEET THE TEAM! Get more personal with your residents by sharing a little bit about their community’s team members! Your team will have fun with this one too :)

And we’re just getting started. There’s plenty more ways to utilize our templates in the Instagram Stories feature - Search: “Instagram stories” to see more options!

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