Fan-tastic specials - with a PINTEREST-worthy Outreach

IG4820-JUN19 DD Fantastic Outreach Mock.jpg

Daily Dose: Keep your prospects cool with your specials 😎

Time Investment: ⏰

Money Investment: $

An outreach flyer that doubles as a fan… that, Sprouters, is what we call a two for one. This is perfect if you are attending a local event, hosting an open house, or just want to do some good ol’ fashion summer outreach.

 Do it now in 1-2-3:

  1. Print your ¼ page flyers below (we recommend printing on heavier cardstock) and add your business cards.

  2. Grab these colorful popsicle sticks (linked below) and attach your ¼ page flyer to them with a little crafting glue (linked below).

  3. Put them to use:

    • Outreach: Fill up a basket with your fans and some summer treats.

    • Open House: Hand them out to all of your prospects.

    • Local Event: Spread them out on your display table along with any other swag & treats.

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