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One less thing for you to worry about. Pre-written social media captions with a digital graphic coming right up! How’s that for some time added to your day? 😉

Sprout Insider Tip: Download the image or use the keyword below each mad lib to find a social media square to match - make sure to narrow your format to “Digital Graphics” in the gallery.

We also have a Social Media Foundational Guide that dives a little deeper into everything social… click on the banner at the bottom of the page!

Outreach Prompts:

If you sign a lease during _____ (month), ________ Apartments will give you _______ (bonus/special/etc.)! How's that for a deal?


Fall is among us here at _______ Apartments! 🍂Residents, we want you to get all cozy by your fireplace at _____ Apartments. We’ve got units with with fireplaces to keep you nice and toasty. Stop by for a tour today to warm up - we’ve got a cup of hot cocoa with your name on it! ☕️

 Search: TOUR or HOT COCOA


Weather gets cooler, drinks get warmer, air gets crisper, specials get better! ______ Apartments is running a special this fall: _________ (special goes here). Stop by or call us to get more info! ________(contact info).



PEP Outreach Prompts:

 _______(preferred employer name) has a very special place in our hearts❤️️. Thank you for all your hard work! We want to show you our appreciation by giving you a special offer. Call _______(phone number) today or stop by our community office at _________ (address) to find out more info.

Search: PEP

Are you a business that loves your employees as much as we love our residents? Contact _______ (name) in our office to chat about becoming a Preferred Employer. We can offer your employees great rewards for joining our community. ________ (Contact info)

 Search: PEP

events Prompt:

 Bored today? ______ Apartments always has our resident's backs. We've got _______ (event) going on today - come on by, it won't be boring!

Search: EVENT TODAY or search by type of event

Reviews Prompts:

Reviews are the cherry on top of the cake for our community. We know we always strive to give our residents the best of the best, we want the world to know :) _______ Apartments loves our residents and we appreciate every kind word that our residents leave for us. ❤️️ Thank you!

Search: REVIEW

What could you do in 3 minutes? Brush your teeth, watch a movie trailer, listen to your fav song, heat up some mac n cheese, write a text (novel) to your bestie about how lame that date was that you went on last night.... _____ Apartments is very aware of what can be done with 3 minutes of your precious time and we have a favor to ask. Would you spare three of those minutes to write us a review? 3 minutes can make a world of difference and it helps more residents just like you call us home! (Insert link to where they can review)

 Search: REVIEW

Resident Notices Prompts:

 ______ Apartments Falls in love with our residents all over again when they pay their rent on time! ❤️️


Don't make us blue, 😞Pick up your dog poo! 🐶💩- A poem by _______ Apartments.

Search: POOP