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Daily Dose: Lumberjack Themed Events - Lumberjack Bash

Time Investment: ⏰⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$$-$$$$ 

A big shoutout to our September Daily Dose client contributor - Adam Sattley! Adam is the Senior Community Manager at  Gateway Arvada Ridge in Arvada, CO!

We’re so into the lumberjack theme that he’s inspired us with. Adam has come up with a few fantastically-fall themed events that you’ve got to try for yourselves! Check them out below.

TIP: You will notice that you will use many of the same supplies in all of the lumberjack events! Event planning just got easier.

There are a few other Lumberjack themed Daily Dose ideas this month, check them out below:

Build Your Own Trail Mix Bar

S’mores Bar

Flapjack Brunch



  • Lots of flannel decor

  • Table runners

  • Table toppers/centerpiece sticks

  • Flannel ribbon

  • Burlap

  • Balloons

  • Lanterns

  • Wood details

  •  Photo booth props

  • Lincoln Logs (lots and lots of them)

  • Trail mix ingredients

    (Here’s a recipe for a great trail mix: https://www.savoryexperiments.com/smores-trail-mix/)

  • Treat bags

  • Mason jars different sizes

Prize ideas for the winner of the Lincoln Log Building contest:

  • Camping survival pack:

    • Tent

    • Sleeping bag

    • Lanterns 

    • Insulated water bottle 

    • Backpack

Check out our Amazon favs below. Click on each item to buy.



Before the event: 

  • Post the digital invitation on your social platforms.

  • Print out the invitations and post them around your community/ hand them out to your residents.

  • Really make sure to hype up this event and make sure your residents know that there will be a prize for the winner of the Lincoln Log building contest! Post some photos of your prize beforehand to tease it out.

  • Make sure you have all of the food/drinks that you’ll need for the event. You can do a trail mix bar with the supplies we’ve listed above or order in from a local restaurant etc.

  • Decorate the clubhouse with as much plaid decor that you can find (check out the stuff we’ve linked above)!

The day of the event:

  • Remember to dress in plaid/flannel.

  • Have a designated food area - if you’re doing the trail mix bar use the large jars and scoops to put the trail mix ingredients in and let the residents use the small mason jars or treat bags to make their own to take with them.

  • Set up a specific area with tables for the Lincoln Log building contest. 

  • Have a separate table to display your big prize so your residents can really get excited about participating.

  • Be sure to take tons and tons of photos during the event so you can post them on social media. (The photo booth props will be super fun for this!)

  • Choose a winner for the Lincoln Log building contest and give them their super awesome prize! 

    • REMEMBER: Though the items we listed above to include in your prize might not be in your budget, you can always choose just one of the items or a few of them. You can also go a completely different, more budget-friendly route. We just want to give you some ideas so you can go BIG for this event!

  • BONUS TIP: If you have a specific hashtag for the event, display it to encourage residents to use it.

  • Have your residents also take photos during the event and tag your community as well - the more eyes the better!

  • Post the social media square to remind your residents that the day has come and grab the other square just for fun!

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