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Follow up can be tricky for many reasons. One being that it’s hard to stand out from ALL of the other follow ups that your prospects might already be receiving. The trick is to be intentional and memorable. Here’s one way to make a follow up a little different.




  • Peach envelopes

  • Peach tea bags

 Check out our favs below.



  • Inside each envelope place a flyer - either full page or 1/4 page - along with a business card.

  • Add a tea bag or two.

  • Seal it with a kiss! 

  • Mail it out.

You can also use the email banner to write a friendly follow up. Copy and paste the mad lib email below to make it THAT much easier!

Hi there _______ (prospect name)!

________ (your name and title) here from ________ (community name) just wanting to thank you for coming in to tour ______ (unit/floor plan) on _______ (date). It was a pleasure to meet you and show you around! We’re so glad you are considering us when choosing your next home, and you should know that life is peachy living at our community. 😉 If you need any more information on ______ (unit/ floor plan) please do not hesitate to reach out, I’m always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have, because we know this is a big decision.

Hope to hear from you soon,

_______ (your name and title).

IG5544-Peachy Follow Up Digital Graphic.jpg

Option: Instead of mailing out individual follow-ups, you could also have a basket full of individually wrapped tea bags (use these treat bags!) with your 1/4 page flyer where your prospects could just grab a couple after their tour. Whatever works best for you!

Social Tip: Grab the social media square too, to brighten up your feed! 🍑


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