Daily Dose: Back to school events!

Time Investment: ⏰-⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$$

School is back in session… which means there are tons of opportunities for back to school goodies and activities. This is also an opportunity to give back to those in need by getting your apartment community involved. It’s a great time to get the kids at your community involved to make their back to school experience a great one. Happy kids = happy parents = happy residents!




  • Skittles or M&M’s or other similar candy (pick up at the store for fresher candy!)

  • Treat bags 

  • Plastic bins

  • Tote bags

Check out a few of our Amazon favs below.



Prior to the events:

  • Post the printed invitation around the community. 

  • Don’t forget to post the digital version of your invitation - email it to your residents and post it on your social platforms.

The day before or day of the event:

  • Grab the social square for each event and post it to remind your residents to attend!

  • And post this social square to wish your residents and their children a great first day of school!

For the Chill Pill grab n’ go:

  • Have a big jar of Skittles or M&M’s or a similar candy and treat bags with the 1/4 page flyers for kids to come by the office for a take-home treat or have pre-made baggies ready for them.

For the donation drive:

  • Lay out the plastic tubs with labels on them for each type of item you are collecting, for example:

    • Pencils, markers, crayons or other coloring utensils, paper, notebooks, etc.

  • Find a school in your area that is in need of school supplies. 

  • Once you’ve finished collecting the items, personally deliver them to the school!

For the back to school swap party:

  • Provide the residents that attend with tote bags to hold the items they want to take home.

  • Have tables laid out where items can be displayed. 

  • Whatever items are left over, pack them up and donate them! 

    Everybody wins!


Events not coming too easy for you? Click on the banner below to read our Resident Events Foundational Guide.