Balloon Outreach 3 WAYS

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Daily Dose: Let’s get it poppin’!

Time Investment: ⏰⏰⏰

Money Investment: $-$$

Balloons are an easy, colorful, and fun way to do outreach! I mean...balloons just scream happiness...right?

Do it now in a few easy steps:

  • Order some balloons, ribbons & a balloon pump off Amazon. (or use a helium tank, depending on which option you pick!) Products are linked below.

  • Grab the flyers below - download and print.

    • Option 1: Balloons in the office

      • Blow up balloons with a regular balloon pump and roll up small papers with your community’s specials inside (grab them below).

      • Put all the balloons in a basket and when a prospect comes in for a tour, ask them to pick a balloon and pop it to see what special they’ve received! Make sure to grab the sign below and place it near the balloon basket in a shadow box.

      • Track their special incentive on their guest card or in your online client management software.

    • Option 2: Balloons and refreshment

      • Blow up some balloons with helium and tie them off with a ribbon.

      • Get some mini water bottles, and grab the flyers below… OFF TO A NEARBY PARK! Your balloons are sure to get attention from all the kids, and parents will appreciate a hydration break (for them and their kids).

      • Pair the balloon and water with a flyer below and BOOM, outreach complete :)

    • Option 3: Balloons and snacks

      • You can also switch it up and attach the flyer or ¼ page flyer to the balloon on a string and take a bundle outreach marketing. Bring goodies/snacks too! Balloons might get your foot in the door...but snacks make friends :)

    • For each option, use the IG story and IG square below to spread the word about your poppin’ specials online!

Need some more help with outreach? Click on the banner below to read our Outreach Foundational Guide!