"What Will Your Summer Look Like?" Outreach

“What will your summer look like?” Outreach

IG4702-May19 DD Summer Look Like Mock.jpg

Daily Dose: What will your summer look like?

Time Investment: ⏰-⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$-$$$

It doesn’t hurt to do a little showing off every now and then ;) May is BBQ Month, so why not showcase how fun summer at your community will be? Students especially love a good grill & chill in the summertime.

Time to get everyone in the #summermood.

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  1. Customize and print your flyers below and download your social squares too.

    • PRO TIPS:

      • Team up with a local business and ask them for coupons to distribute. Pair each flyer with a coupon to a nearby restaurant or shop!

      • Pair each flyer with beach balls or a pair of shades! Put them in some cellophane baggies with a 1/4 page flyer to keep it all together.

  2. Attend a student housing fair or just post up at various locations where prospects tend to hang out in your area - a nearby river, park, university campus, etc. - handing out your flyers and goodies.

  3. Post your graphics on social media to get the word out…. it’s #GrillingSzn at (Apartment Name)!