Karaoke & Casino Events


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Daily Dose: Let loose!

Time Investment: ⏰⏰-⏰⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$$-$$$$

Who doesn’t love a good Karaoke sesh? Or are your residents more of the game playing crowd?

Here’s a little something for both!

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  • Customize and print the invite below and download the social square - get the word out to your residents.

  • Order in some local appetizers or pizza! You can also just go for the snack foods: chips and dip, finger foods, etc. Think your residents will need a little “confidence juice” to let loose? ;) Grab some beers or easy drinks at the store, and some juices/soda for the already very confident karaoke stars!

  • Don’t forget the decorations… spice it up with the karaoke party decorations from Amazon, we’ve linked them below, super fun props!

  • Shoot out an email or make a post on social media asking your residents what songs they’d like to sing along to so you can make a playlist for the night!

  • A crucial part of karaoke night…the karaoke machine! Check this best seller out on Amazon - budget friendly version. You can also go big and invest in the real deal like this one!



  • Download, customize, and print the designs below to get the word out to your residents. (invite and social square)

  • Order in some food/apps and drinks from a local restaurant or set out your own snacks! If you’re feelin’ risky, try making a signature cocktail for your residents! A super fun touch to any party, but especially this kind! Here’s a fun recipe for ya!

  • Get some flashy decor like the kind we’ve linked below! You’ll also need the casino games, check out this party game rental - they’ve got it all! Or if you want to keep it small and simple, just grab the game kit we’ve linked below :)