National Nutrition Month Healthy Snack Bar

National Nutrition Month HEALTHY SNACK BAR

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Daily Dose: A snack bar with a health conscious twist!

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: $$

This event will help your residents stay on top of their health game, especially during National Nutrition Month!

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  • Purchase a variety of simple healthy snacks on your next trip to the store: fresh veggies and fruit, cold pressed juices, assorted nuts, yogurt, granola bars, and whatever else you may come across that’s healthy and delicious!

  • Send out these invites via email and place flyers in the common areas to let your residents know about the event! Use our social squares to post on social media, too, so nobody forgets!

    Tip: Sneak some healthy treats for yourself ;) Everybody gets a piece of the action!

Extra tip:

This month, ask your residents to tag you in their fitness or nutrition posts so you can promote health and wellness at your community!

Grab this social media square and get to posting :)

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