This Follow Up Is Anything But Awkward

This Follow Up Is Anything But Awkward

Daily Dose: March 18 is National Awkward Moment Day… let’s change that!

Time Investment:

Money Investment: $-$$

March 18th might be Awkward Moments Day (yep, there’s a day dedicated for that!), but one thing that never needs to be awkward is your prospect follow up. If you’ve ever struggled to follow up, check out our Follow Up Foundational Guide below. If you’re ready for a seasonal follow up, follow these steps.

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Do it in a few easy steps:

  1. Make yourself memorable on your tour with a Fun Fact Tagline. This makes follow up so much easier. When I was a leasing agent, I always found a way to weave in the fact that I had a 120 lb Doberman named Bruno. If they were pet lovers, I’d even show them a picture of my beloved hound. This allowed me to use this fun fact in my follow up. Remember, when they tour more than just your apartment, you have to stand out and remind them of who you were.

    If I was following up by email, I might say, “Hi. This is Barbara, the blonde lady with the 120 lb Doberman that gave you a tour of Park West Apartments.”

  2. Create your own FUN FACT Tagline.

    Use this process to help you create your own.

    • What is something unique about you? Think hobby, pet, where you are from, etc.

      Hi, this [insert your name]. I’m the [include fun fact] that gave you a tour of [insert Apartment Name].

  3. Now it’s time to draft your email. Grab your favorite email banner by searching “THANKS FOR TOURING” here and narrow your search by “BANNER GRAPHIC” in format. This month we are highlighting the Greenery Collection and the Spring Break Collection. Download whichever works for you below.