March 1 is National Employee Appreciation Day

March 1 is National Employee Appreciation Day

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Daily Dose: Employee Love

Time Investment: ⏰-⏰⏰

Money Investment: $-$$$

Friday, March 1st is National Employee Appreciation Day! Take a minute to show a little appreciation to your team in a fun way. We are sharing a few of our favorite ways that you can shine a spotlight on your employees…both in person and online!

Here are a few ideas for Employee Appreciation Day:

  • Take your entire team out for breakfast or lunch. Can’t leave the office? Pick up treats on your way in.

  • Take a few minutes to handwrite a personal card to each of your employees. Share what you appreciate about them. Make it specific.

    • Bad Example: Happy Employee Appreciation Day! Thanks for all you do. -BOSS

    • Good Example: Happy Employee Appreciation Day, Lauren! I don’t know how this team would survive without you. I love how you always take time to help everyone out with whatever they are struggling with at the time. You never seem too busy to help! Your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. Thank you for all you do! - [Insert Your Name]

  • Let employees come in a little late, leave a little early or take an extra long lunch. If you have a large team, choose a different option for all to keep your office fully staffed.

  • Have a little fun with an after work event. It’s fun to go bowling, mini golf, or painting with a twist as a team!

  • Give your team members a shout on social media! Below we are sharing some fun social media graphics