Grab n Go Cereal Bar

Grab n Go Cereal Bar

Daily Dose: (Lucky) Charm your residents with this grab n go food event!

Time Investment:

Money Investment: $$

Breakfast is served…just like that! This is such an easy way to host a resident appreciation event for the week. Seriously…who doesn’t love cereal? This is a real crowd-pleaser!

🎉Student housing: you don’t want to miss this one! Free food = happy students   😊


  1. Purchase single serve cereal boxes and grab some milk on your next trip to the store.

    • Tip: Grab a few different types of milk: Almond, Whole, 2%, etc. You can buy the individual cartons or buy a few gallons and have them in beverage dispensers.

  2. Don’t forget the bowls, spoons and napkins! You can pick some up when you’re getting the milk or just order some.

  3. Pair the cereal boxes with a spoon and a flyer like the ones below and BOOM! You’ve just made someone’s morning! (PS: We had a ton of fun putting these together for a Sprout Employee Party!)

  4. Don’t forget your social media square to spread the word! Grab it below.

  • Alternative tip: you can also buy the regular sized cereal boxes and have them in jars with scoops. Check out how we did it in the photos below!