A Lovely Resident Giveaway

A Lovely Resident Giveaway

Daily Dose: A Creative and Decorative Giveaway For Your Residents!

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: $-$$

Keep things interesting for your residents by hosting a fun giveaway this month. You pick the prize…big or small!

Idea: Since it’s all about the love, consider giving away a gift certificate for some pampering! Everyone loves a massage!

Lovely drawing


  1. Customize the notice below and post in common areas to let your residents know about the giveaway.

  2. Post about your giveaway on social media with the details of the prize and how they can enter. We’ve provided a social media square below.

  3. A fun way to have residents enter is to purchase this guest signing hearts frame from Target and a few prizes while you’re at it (gift cards, gift baskets, etc). Download our party sign below to put next to your entry frame.

  4. Ask your residents to write their name on a heart and put it in the frame for a chance to win a prize.

  5. Once you draw for the winner post about it on social media!