Instagram Stories…Dip Your Toe in the Water!

Dip Your Toe in the Water! (Instagram Stories)

Daily Dose: A Simple Way to Get Started with IG Stories

Time Investment:

Money Investment: FREE!

Instagram stories are becoming more than just a novelty for businesses. With over 400 million daily users, it can’t be ignored in your marketing strategy.

Today’s Daily Dose is focused on getting to know the people that make up your community in a super fun (and easy) way.

Our latest “This or That” series let you get insight into what your residents like to do on the weekends, what they love to eat, and what kind of goals they want to set for themselves.

BONUS: Use the insights you gain to tailor resident events to better speak to your audience. If they tell you they love Netflix marathons on the weekends, consider looping the latest Netflix craze on your community TV all weekend long.

Downloading Instagram Stories Music: Wander Musician: @iksonofficial

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

Posting to Instagram Stories Music: Wander Musician: @iksonofficial

  1. Grab this Instagram Stories template here. You can email it to yourself and save to your camera roll to make it easier to post from your phone.

  2. Open up your Instagram Stories and post graphic to your communities account.

    TRAINING: Not sure how? Watch the quick videos to see a step-by-step tutorial.

    LEVEL UP: Ask residents to add a hashtag when they respond to your IG story. This will make it easy for you to track and share on your IG account.

  3. Let your peeps get to know the staff members. Have each member post their results. Add a post before or after introducing the team member. Add text to include their name and their job title.

Bonus: Save your results to your Instagram Highlight reel. You could title it “Residents” so that others can go back and look at it long after the 24 hours pass.