Be Prepared: Freeze Notice

Be Prepared (Freeze Notice)

Daily Dose: Prepare Residents for Extreme Weather

Time Investment: ⏰

Money Investment: FREE!

Prevention is the best medicine when it comes to a freeze. We’re helping you prepare residents BEFORE extreme weather hits with our Freeze Warning Notice and matching digital graphic.


  • Print out reminder and post in common areas.

  • Email Freeze Warning to residents.

  • Post in your resident portal.

  • Schedule regular reminders on social media. Grab our social media graphic below.

Suggested Post:

Brrrrrr! It is seriously cold up in here! It looks like the weather is going to continue to get worse. We are currently under a freeze warning. So we wanted to share a few tips to keep our community in good order and all of our residents comfortable. In case of a maintenance emergency please reach out to us at INSERT PHONE NUMBER. Stay warm, friends!