Get Fit with a (digital) Fitness challenge

Get fit! (digital) Fitness challenge

Daily Dose: A Fitness Challenge for the Entire Community

Time Investment: ⏰

Money Investment: FREE!

The community that crushes goals together, stays together. Make 2019 the year you finally achieve that summer body dream and build your community in the process!

Help residents reach their fitness goals with a month-long fitness challenge you host online.

Everyday, post a new fitness challenge on your Instagram or Facebook page.


Grab Your LET’S GET FIT Design:  Facebook:  Here  | Instagram:  Here

Grab Your LET’S GET FIT Design:

Facebook: Here | Instagram: Here

  1. Pick a Social Media Channel to host your challenge. We suggest Facebook or Instagram.

  2. Let residents know in advance. Download, print and post event invites in all common areas of your community.

  3. Post one challenge a day on your social media platform.

  4. Keep it simple and keep posting all month. Each week, increase the number of reps or time for each challenge.

Suggested Posts to Start:

Alrighty ladies and gentleman, 2019 is our year… Our year to finally get our best summer bodies! All month long we’ll be sharing a daily fitness challenge on INSERT SOCIAL PLATFORM. We’ll be each others accountability partners. Be sure to comment daily as you complete the challenge of the day!

Suggested Posts for Daily Challenges:

Today’s challenge: 25 Jumping Jacks! Bonus points if you knock it out before breakfast. Comment below when you’ve crushed the challenge!

Today’s challenge: 30-Second Plank! Tip: Set a timer, crank a favorite tune, and squeeze those abs!

Today’s challenge: 10 Lunges…per leg! Tip: Do it while you are waiting for your cup of coffee to brew. Type in “crushed it” when done!

High fives all around! Here’s to a stronger community!