"You're the Balm" Referrals

Daily Dose: When Residents Refer, We All Win!

Time Investment: ⏰

Money Investment: $-$$

Feeling chapped over low occupancy rates? Don’t fret, we’ve got the perfect solution for your woes! It’s time to put your residents to work with our “You’re The Balm” referral campaign. Non-chapped lips 💋+ referral bonuses 💰= a win 🙌 for everyone!

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

  1. Download your favorite “Balm” referral design.

  2. Buy your favorite lip balm in bulk. Below is an Amazon Prime option.

  3. Look for ways to hand these to your residents personally.

    • While they are at the fitness center

    • When they come into the office

    • When your maintenance team sees them around the community

    • When you are hosting an event

NOTE: This works best if you can make it personal. Try a simple comment like:

You’re an awesome resident! I wanted to give you a “You’re the balm” gift and remind you that we have a great referral incentive (include specifics) if you know other “balm” residents like you.