When it comes to outreach, Sprout has your back! Below are some of the outreach tools and channels you have at your disposal as a Sprout Seedling Member. 

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Ads (Flyer)

Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective. Get your message across with an ad in a magazine or newspaper. Consider advertising in publications geared toward foodies, fitness or furry friends to attract your ideal residents. 

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PEP (Flyers):

Don’t make your prospects come to you–go to them! Bust out your preferred employer list and hit the ground running with flyers geared toward specific industries. Remind them that your community is the best place to kick back and relax after a long day at work. Combine your marketing materials with goodies–no one can resist free treats!

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Social Media (Digital Graphics):

Social media has edged out phone calls, emails, and many other forms of communication. Make sure you’re getting your message out there in a spot your prospects will actually see it. Post digital graphics promoting your community on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. 

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Email (Digital Graphics):

Most of us spend a huge portion of our day in front of a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Take advantage of this screen addiction with emails designed to pull you in. Encourage residents to sign up for your newsletters (that they can forward to friends looking for homes) and be sure to use email as a follow-up tool after a prospect tours. Customize the message reminding your prospect what they loved on their visit.  

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Listings (Flyer)

Online apartment postings are competitive so keeping your online apartment postings fresh and fun is a must. Your posting can be as simple as a list of your stand-out amenities or just your very best special. Post away!

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Locators (Flyer)

Locators can be your best friends when it comes to outreach. They’re out there pounding the pavement already! Be sure they know what’s in it for them when they refer potential residents to your community. Consider hosting a locator luncheon and tour to show off all the perks of living at your community. 

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Referral (Labels)

Referrals are magical… you give your residents a tempting incentive and they do the outreach marketing FOR you! Step #1: keep your residents happy so they want to tell their friends about you. Step #2: make sure they know what awesome bonus awaits them. That’s it! Labels are a great way to convey the message. Stick them on other papers, resident packages, water bottles, anything. 

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Participating in Events (Printable)

Events can help really bring your community to life. And a big bonus: when your residents invite their friends or tell them about your cool event, they’re marketing for you again. Get people talking: use simple printables to infuse your next party with some extra pizazz.

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Texting (Digital Graphics):

Does anyone really talk on their phones anymore? For many, especially the younger generations, the answer is NO. Instead of calling, hit prospects up with a text reminding them why you’d be perfect for their new home. Have a text system for resident reminders? Excellent–push your renewals with bright graphics they can't ignore. 

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Drive-by (Bandits):

Steer drive-by traffic directly into your community with simple, eye-catching signage on surrounding streets. Have a confusing office location? Don’t make prospects search for it–post directionals to make finding you easy. And don’t forget: referrals are a form of outreach that your residents do FOR you. Make sure they know what your bonuses are! 

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