Follow-up and fun. Can the two go together? We'll show you the way! Whether it's following up interest after an outreach marketing trip or following up after a tour, we've got you covered. 

First things first, this spreadsheet makes detailed notes easy peasy. 

Pro tip: Fill out this spreadsheet with any interest shown, as soon as you leave a business when you're outreach marketing. There is nothing worse than not remembering someone's name and follow-up is so much more successful (and fun) when you can personalize the message based on something that was said or observed. 


Now the fun truly begins! Below are 5 follow-up campaigns that we guarantee will close the deal! 

Last impressions are just as important as first impressions. Here are some fun ways to make a lasting impression when following up with your residents. 

make it yours

Let them know they are invited to the party! Purchase party supplies: think balloons, festive ornaments, ribbons and confetti! 

This design lets you add a personalized note! Make sure you emphasis something that was important to them: an amenity, the location, particular floor plan, etc. 

Follow-up Mad Lib: 

We loved meeting you at APARTMENT NAME HERE. RSVP for these hot features: [Amenity List Here].  

If you have questions about joining the party, please call me at 123-456-7890 or email@email.com!



Purchase some blank keys and send them along with this refreshing follow-up design. 

Follow-up Mad Lib: 

We loved showing you our community! Let’s set up a convenient time for you and PARTNER NAME to return to reserve Apt NUMBER HERE and trade in this key for the real deal!

I am available this Saturday at 10am or 12pm. Please let me know which time works for you both. You may reach me at 123-456-7890. Thank you!


glad you visited

Send this follow-up design in a little gift bag. Add bows, candy or anything sweet! 

Follow-up Mad Lib: 

Thank you for touring APARTMENT NAME HERE! Please find some photos of your future home to share with PARTNER NAME HERE and this pretty pen to sign on the dotted line.

We can easily reserve your home over the phone, online or if you wanted to pop back into the office! I look forward to hearing back from you soon at 123-456-7890.



This is the purrrrrfect follow-up design for pet-friendly communities. Purchase: inexpensive toys and pet treats. 

Follow-up Mad Lib: 

We hope you enjoyed your visit and you'll call us "home!" Stop by for a second tour with your furry best friend! You’ll see why pets love APARTMENT NAME HERE.

From the pet lovers at APARTMENT NAME HERE



Purchase: anything gold and celebratory! We love the idea of small bottles of champagne (or sparkling cider) with adorable gold boxes of chocolates or macarons. 

Follow-up Mad Lib: 

Almost time to celebrate! It was so nice spending time with you. The next step is to complete your leasing application. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. Let’s chat!