Package Pick Up Reminders

Package Pick Up Reminders

Daily Dose - Move Packages Quickly with This Package Pick-Up Strategy

Time Investment: ⏰

Money Investment: zero!

‘Tis the season when leasing agents and managers all over the country start to secretly hate Amazon because of package overload. (Don’t worry… we get it!) Move packages quickly before your team gets buried in boxes with our easy, breezy reminders.

  • Keep your 24-hour pick-up policy top of mind for residents!

    • Print out reminders and post in common areas.

    • Gold star if you post reminders on wrapped boxes for added decor.

  • Schedule regular reminders on social media. Grab our digital graphics below.

  • Traffic can be slow in the winter months. Add referral flyers on every package and remind residents of your bonus when they come in to pick up their package.

  • Easy does it, tiger! Here’s a simple way to approach referrals.

    “Hey, Mrs. Resident! It’s good to see you. Here’s your package! I wanted to remind you that for every friend or family member that you refer to our community we give you ______ (insert your incentive). It’s an easy way to make some mad money!”