Gift Wrap Station + Referrals

Gift Wrap Station + Referrals

Daily Dose - An Event That Encourages Referrals

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: 💲💲

Have you heard of a BYOBF event? It’s stands for “Bring Your Own Best Friend,” Residents are encouraged to bring their bff in hopes that they might want to live at your community.

A gift wrapping station is the perfect opportunity to invite your residents to bring their friends to mingle and knock some gift wrapping off their to-do list.

Do it now in 1-2-3:

  1. Let residents know in advance.

    • Customize your event invite here.

    • Download, print and post your event invite in all common areas of your community.

      • Bonus points if you wrap some boxes and use double-sided tape to attach your invite.

    • Share it on all of your social media platforms. Search graphics here.

    • Send it out via email or in your community newsletter.

  2. Organize an easy gift wrapping station. See some of our favorites that you can order online and get delivered straight to your community.

    BONUS: Set out your community flyers and informational materials for visitors to easily access.

  3. Social Proof: Take tons of pics of residents using your gift wrapping station and post on your social media. Let prospects know what life at your community looks like all year long.