Hot Cocoa Outreach Marketing Blitz

Hot Cocoa Outreach Marketing Blitz

Daily Dose - Simple Outreach Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Time Investment: ⏰⏰

Money Investment: 💲💲

Why does winter also mean that leasing traffic comes to a screeching halt? If you’re hearing crickets at your community leasing office, then it’s time to hit the road to drum up some interest.

We’re sharing a simple (an inexpensive) outreach blitz idea.

Do it now in 1-2-3: 

  1. Print “Winter Savings” flyer shown above. You have the option for the Instant Download, Instant Download + Add Your Business Card or the Customizable version.

  2. Get prepared.

  3. Hit the road and visit as many businesses within a 5-10 mile radius as you can.